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Featuring: Vaio Digital Living System | Xbox 360 | Windows Media Center | Additional Products

There is now even more that you could with your home entertainment setup. Ofcourse the best way to fully enjoy the additional features talked about here, you will need a high definition television and a nice sound system. We believe that anything else won't do justice to today's digital age that we're part of.

Go beyond just watching movies and listening to music. Bring your digital media like MP3s and photos to your living room and enjoy them with your whole family. Listen to online audio broadcasts and read news feeds from the comfort of your couch. It's a whole new addition to your living room and can extend throughout the home.

Mom will go through pictures and keep a digital album. Dad will listen to music and organize his music library. The gamer of the house can play with friends and interact online. And with access to online content, there is less use of your computer, allowing for a more relaxing time spent in your living room. It'll change your thinking, where your PC can be strictly for working on and your new setup for complete entertainment and relaxation.

We support two main options for devices that we believe will make your experience the most enjoyable. They are the Sony Vaio Digital Living System and the Microsoft Xbox 360. Both of these use Windows Media Center, but work in different ways.

Sony Vaio Digital Living System - Features Overview:

Sony Vaio Digital Living System - HD Media Center PC with Blu-ray

  • Watch and Record TV - Enjoy high-quality TV on your terms. With built-in NTSC and ATSC TV tuners and CableCARD™ support, you can watch and record analog and digital TV directly to the hard drive for on-demand viewing, including premium and over-the-air HD content.
  • Watch and Record Cable and Premium HDTV - The XL3 Digital Living System™ is digital cable ready and features an OCUR receiver, which is a digital cable receiver and interface that accepts a TV CableCARD. The CableCARD removable security module, which must be obtained from your local service provider, allows you to access the digital cable channels to which you subscribe without the need for a set-top-box. Windows Vista™ Home Premium with Media Center functionality acts as your DVR, letting you record and catalog your favorite TV programs to the hard drive. These innovative tools let you consolidate your entertainment center by replacing your HD DVR and digital cable set-top-box with the VAIO XL3.
  • Video Playback Beyond High Definition - Watch movies in the best high definition picture quality available. Whether you're watching a Hollywood title in HD or enjoying crystal clear video captured from your compatible HDV camcorder, the VAIO® XL3 Digital Living System™ is capable of playing high definition Blu-ray Disc™ movies in stunning clarity and incredible full HD 1080 resolution. And since the Blu-ray Disc™ optical drive is backwards-compatible with the format of your CDs and DVD collection, you can still enjoy your existing entertainment library.

The Xbox 360 is primarily a gaming system, so for a gamer, it is a must have. But with Media Center included with the system, the whole family can enjoy its features. The media in this setup comes either from your Xbox 360 hard drive or, using Media Center Extender, from your PC.

Microsoft Xbox 360 - Features Overview:

Xbox 360 with HD-DVD - Gaming System with Media Center

  • Watch DVD movies and play music CDs.
  • With the additional external HD-DVD drive, you can watch HD-DVD movies.
  • Connect an MP3 player and listen to music.
  • Connect a Digital Camera and view pictures.
  • Listen to music and view digital pictures from your Windows XP-based PC.
  • Manage your family's entertainment choices with Family Settings.

With Windows Media Center on both of these devices, the online content is very similar. The main difference is that the Sony Vaio has an all-inclusive experience using the interface compared to the Xbox 360 which requires a Windows Media Center-based PC for the same functionality.

Microsoft Windows Media Center - Features Overview:

  • Play DVDs - Enjoy DVD movies on your Media Center PC. You'll get full progressive-scan DVD playback with online chapter lookup on Media Center PCs equipped with DVD decoders manufactured by Media Center partners (standard hardware on new PC configurations).
  • My TV - My TV offers a simple way to browse, watch, and record TV, even on multiple channels at the same time (both analog and over-the-air digital). TV features work with an antenna, cable, or satellite TV signal and have a fast and easy setup. My TV includes Live TV, Recorded TV, the Program Guide, Guide Search, and the new Movie Finder2 service--all without a monthly service fee.
  • My Music - My Music offers access to your personal and online music collection. Now it's easier than ever to play a music CD, copy it into your library, burn a CD, create a playlist, and edit album details.
  • My Video - My Videos offers an alternate view of your My Videos folder in Windows XP, organizing files and folders by date or by name and displaying a thumbnail image for each clip. My Videos supports common video types including standard avi, .mpg, and .wmv files.
  • My Pictures - My Pictures provides a fun new way to instantly enjoy and share your digital photos. Download pictures from your digital camera, view your pictures and graphics, create a near-instant slide show, touch up, print, and burn photos to CD--all with your remote control.
  • Online Spotlight - Online Spotlight is your portal into a wide and growing range of on-demand entertainment. Online Spotlight is an online guide that offers quick and easy access to a wide range of music and radio services, movie download and on-demand services, as well as information services which give you instant access to customized sports, news, and entertainment programming online.
  • Sync to Device - Enjoy hours of TV, music, video, and digital photos on the go by transferring your favorite media to a Portable Media Center, Smartphone, Pocket PC, music player, or other storage devices, such as external hard disk drives.

With both of these devices, you can extend your experience beyond just your living room. Multiple devices can be networked in different rooms of the home with your media in one location. So the kids can play games in one room while you enjoy listening to your music library or go online in another room.

Additional Products to Go Even Further:

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Sony LS Series - PC/TV Combo
Windows Home Server - Networked Media Storage
Sony Playstation 3 - Gaming System with Blu-ray
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