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db system

The DB System is nothing more than just another layer with speakers and amplifiers added to an existing system to enhance the sound to make it more realistic. You may know that, a 3D image of a sound can be "created" only with two speakers. Now try to imagine all this multiplied by all the numerous speakers in a DB System.

On the left and right sides of a large screen, about 10 to 12 feet apart, the DB System has 6 to 8 feet high "towers". Each tower contains more than 10 speakers placed vertically so the sound coming out gives you the impression that it's also coming from up and down and not just left and right. With a '3D Bass Field', a special center and rear configuration of speakers, and precision amplifiers, the listener can enjoy unforgetable cinematic experience.

THX SystemDB System

"When listening to music, it's like placing separate 'holographic images' of the instruments of a band with distinct 3-D locations in the room."

"From the bigscreen to a home theater, the DB System is not a new format, but an enhancement to an existing audio system, like DLP is for cinema and high definition."