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SACD Multi-Channel

SACD Multi-channel offers up to 6 full channels of high resolution audio playback. SACD gives artists and producers the ultimate flexibility while maintaining the ability to reproduce their original artistic intent. Every multi-channel SACD disc can also contain a separate, studio-mixed 2 channel version of the same music on the same disc. This eliminates any "fold down" or downconversion of the multi-channel mix by the player itself. What you get, is the original intent of the artist in the separate 2 channel version.

Playback can consist of 3 channel, 4 channel, 5 channel or 5.1 channel, depending on what the artist/producer wants to achieve musically. Whether 2 channel or 5.1 channel, multi-channel SACD delivers the same high resolution audio through all channels simultaneously. All channels provide for up to 100kHz frequency response and a sampling rate of 2.822 Megahertz. That's 64 times the sampling rate of a regular CD! With the hybrid disc option, a multi-channel SACD disc can contain up to 6 channels of high resolution audio, a separate 2 channel, studio-mixed version of the same music, AND a regular CD layer which contains the same recording in CD quality so you can take the very same disc and enjoy SACD in your home, car, portable or any existing CD player.