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Windows Home Server


Expandable Drive Space

Room to grow. That's Windows Home Server. It allows you to add as many hard drives, as many gigs, teras, or petas, as your hardware will allow. That means you can finally have a permanent home for your files -- a veritable vault for your family's digital memories.

Centralized Storage

One place for music. One place for photos. Introducing the holy grail of digital storage -- an accessible, central repository of all your family's music, movies, photos, and files. And you'll probably never need to utter the words, "It's not on this computer," ever again.

Auto Organizing

What good is a gigantic garage if you don't have any shelves? Windows Home Server helps you make sense of your files, putting the photos with the photos and the music with the music, so you can easily find what you're looking for.


Easy Access

Keep your family photos where you can see them. Windows Home Server puts all your content in a single, accessible location. Listen to music on your Xbox 360, look at photos from any connected PC -- not just the one you plugged the camera into. It's all at your fingertips at all time.

Shared Printers

Why are home networks so difficult? Probably because they don't have Windows Home Server to make everything work smoothly. Windows Home Server works easily with other Microsoft products, so all you have to do is plug your printer and, just like that, your can print from any connected PC in your home.

Remote Access

Sometimes Digital Amnesia strikes when you are far from home. With Windows Home Server you can access your photos, home videos, and more from practically any computer with an Internet connection. Even give restricted access to your friends and family through your free, customizable Windows Live website.


Automatic Backups

There is backing up, and then there is smart backing up. Windows Home Server automatically backs up every connected computer every day. Even better, it only stores a single copy of every file, remembering which computer had what and saving you drive space.

PC Health Monitor

Sure, your virus definitions are up-to-date, but are your children's? Is the PC in the TV room running the latest updates? When was the last time you ran a scan on the laptop in the kitchen? Windows Home Server makes managing a family of PCs easier than ever with a PC health monitor that tells you the exact condition of every connected PC in the home.

Full System Restore

From time to time a PC may begin to run slowly as more and more applications begin running in the background. Windows Home Server lets you turn back the clock and restore your PC to a time when it was running better.