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Motorola VIP1200 Series High-Definition IP Set Top

Technical Specs (PDF)

The Motorola VIP1200 series is a compact, interactive IP set-top that supports high-definition (HD) and standard-definition (SD) high-quality digital video. Its two-way IP capability allows it to be used in multiple applications, including Multicast TV and VoD and can support multiple middleware software solutions. The VIP1200 includes a high-end microprocessor and enhanced graphics to decode HD and SD digital TV, as well as output high-quality audio. The VIP1208 and VIP1216 models have built-in hard disk drives for Digital Video Recording (DVR) functionality.

Enjoy the astonishing picture and sound quality of High-Definition (HD) on your HD television, plus hundreds of channels of TV and advanced interactive features with this convenient one-box solution.

Designed for the HDTV enthusiast, the Motorola VIP1200 is a next-generation single-box solution capable of delivering both HD programming and other interactive digital IP services. It is compatible with all models of HD televisions and since it is all digital, provides the best quality picture experience. Plus it supports the latest in video decoding formats.

In addition to enabling HDTV content, the VIP1200 provides support for digital surround sound and all the benefits of IP entertainment services, like web browsing, digital music, and Video On Demand. Since it is fully IP data based, it has the ability to connect to any IP service being provided by operators, or the Internet.

High-definition is changing the way people watch television. With the Motorola VIP1200 you'll experience the crispest picture and clearest sound available today - and be ready for the advanced interactive features of tomorrow's HDTV.


  • Access to your Video on Demand library at anytime
  • On-screen program guide with 14-day look ahead
  • On-screen parental control
  • HDTV Ready: High Definition (HD) Technology produces images more than twice as detailed as standard analog TV -- delivering rich, realistic video and multi-channel, movie theater quality sound