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Lifeware 2.0 Brochure (PDF)

Life|ware™ is groundbreaking software from Exceptional Innovation that allows you to seamlessly merge control of your home with your world of digital entertainment.

By simply integrating Life|ware into Microsoft Windows Media Center, you can build and manage a music collection, enjoy slideshows of your digital photos, schedule and record your favorite television programs, call up your home videos and watch DVDs.

You also can control your home's lighting system, thermostats and security systems, distribute music throughout the house, enact homeowner-defined Life|scenes™ and share media across your entire network. And you can do it all with the same remote control — the same six buttons -- and the same famously graceful look, navigation and functionality of Media Center.

What's more, Life|ware lets you enjoy the experience anywhere and everywhere -- through your TV with a Media Center PC, Media Center Extender or Xbox 360™, from your home or office PC or notebook, or from a Life|point™ touch screen.

It's the power of digital entertainment and the convenience of home control at your fingertips. Life|ware lets you do more.


  • 100% digital experience.
  • Share digital content across your home network.
  • Distribute audio where you want it, when you want it.
  • Easy navigation for all users.
  • Choose how you want to interact with Life|ware -- via mouse, keyboard, remote, or touch screens.
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Windows Media Center.
  • Multi-vendor hardware support gives you more choices among PCs and subsystems.
  • Schedules for common home control and security tasks.
  • Life|scenes set a mood using all of your home's systems.
  • Extend the experience around the house using Media Center Extenders or Xbox 360s™.