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The Kaleidescape System

Download Kaleidescape Overview (PDF)

The Kaleidescape Experience

With the Kaleidescape System you will experience your movies and music in totally new ways. Our elegant and intuitive interface lets you instantly locate and enjoy what you want, when you want. Anywhere in your home. And because it's extraordinarily easy-to-use, every member of the family, and even your guests, can enjoy their favorite movies and music, too.

Ready to watch? Just press PLAY and sit back, relax and watch the movie. No menus, no trailers, no advertisements. Kaleidescape's Movie Guide Service provides patent-pending video bookmarks that let you jump instantly to the beginning of the movie, to your favorite television episode or to a trailer. With the Kaleidescape System, you can mark your favorite movie scenes and easily create scripts for a theatrical experience right in your own home, complete with previews, an intermission and your feature presentation.

Want to dance? The Kaleidescape System lets you quickly select and play any album or track. You can also make unique Mix Albums that match your mood. Enjoy your selections in order, or let the Kaleidescape System play DJ. While you’re listening, learn more about the music you love with expert reviews provided by Kaleidescape’s Music Guide Service.

The Kaleidescape System

The Kaleidescape System simplifies the way you collect, manage and enjoy movies and music. Once your personal entertainment collection is stored on the Kaleidescape System's fault-tolerant Disk Cartridges, you can say goodbye to DVD and CD clutter and the frustration of storing and organizing your movies and music. And, since your Kaleidescape System uses high-speed networking to deliver your favorite movies and music throughout your home, you can instantly access and enjoy them when and where it's convenient for you, your family or your guests.

The Kaleidescape System comprises three primary components: Servers, Movie Players and Music Players. They can be combined in myriad ways to deliver movies and music seamlessly throughout your home.

The Kaleidescape System delivers exceptional entertainment value without compromise – movies and music are imported and stored at the highest quality possible in order to deliver the viewing and listening experience exactly as the artist intended.