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Make sound part of the picture!

Do you know good sound
when you hear it?

"The audience is listening..."

"but not because they have to."

THX claims to "ensure that the entertainment consumer experienced films as the director intended." This is where Dolby and DTS have come a long way to make it possible through developing multichannel format technologies to electronically deliver the digital sound on DVD to the consumer, defining what we know today as surround sound. But the reproduction thru speakers and amplifiers is lacking.

DB System: The Cinematic Experience

This is where the DB system comes in (1994), with the goal of "making the sound part of the picture" by actually making also the right hardware to reproduce "the well-defined sound where the energy and emotions of music and film could be felt by the audience with the same intensity intended by their creators."

beyond THX

Sound NowDB System surpasses today's standards of surround sound systems -- certified or not. This unique concept makes both music and movies sound as they were originally intended to.

new installations

New InstallationsFrom the drawing board to the final product, we take pride in crafting the well-defined sound for your home. All we can say is... "Listening is believing."


UpgradesIt's time to replace the old big screen TV with a new plasma panel or DLP rear projector and make it part of a hand-crafted cabinet by design.


PrewiringTake a look at our whole house, digital audio & video package. The integration capability, home office setup and the pre-wiring necessary to make all of it happen.